Prison Ministries Help Your Neighborhood

What does it mean that prison ministries can help your neighborhood and community? One way is by ministering to someone who is incarcerated, pointing them to Jesus Christ, and affecting change in their life so that when they get out, they can return back to their neighborhood a different person.

This will affect how they live and how they associate with the neighborhood, which should result in a decrease in crime and make for more a productive neighborhood since they will work and maintain their family by being a better father or mother and a better husband or wife. They will be able to set an example for their community. By their example, they will have a positive influence over their children and others to help keep them from committing crimes and going to prison.

There is a seventy percent chance that children of those who have been incarcerated will also be incarcerated. This is a generational curse that can be broken with the help of prison ministries.  Not only is the crime reduced because they are not going to commit any more crimes, but they can also influence others to not commit crimes. A positive side effect of reducing recidivism (habitual crime) also reduces expenses to the State, which reduces the cost to you and your neighborhood.

Desire to Expand

Freedom Outreach Ministries is currently involved in seven facilities in the State of Texas with ongoing ministry such as Chapel Services, Leadership Training and Overcomers classes. We would like to expand to other facilities within a 500 mile radius of Dallas so we can reach more people for Christ.

Because the women’s prison population is the fastest growing in Texas, FOM's desire is to expand more into the women's units with ongoing Ministry. Pastor Gipson's wife of twenty seven years, Pam, has a heart to help women by sharing her testimony of how God changed her life in spite of her being addicted, incarcerated, and homeless.